How to Use Windows Batch Files and PsExec to Push Files and Actions to Remote Machines

I work in a casino. As I live in Las Vegas, this isn't uncommon. I won't divulge any specific information about where I work or any important details about where I work for, I hope, obvious reasons. Not that it's hard to find out who and where I work since this blog is published under my real name. This is about how I accomplished a large feat using minimal skills/effort earlier this year. It's a bit convoluted but it accomplishes the task fairly well, if not a bit slowly due to sheer volume. I'm not sure if PowerShell could've accomplished this better.

It was December 27th, 2012. The vice president of marketing came up to my boss, the vice president of IT. Scattered around the property there are 150+ displays showing marketing content. Glorified PowerPoint presentations, if you will. Well, the VP of Marketing wanted us to update all the content on every single one of those displays. He didn't care how just that it got it done and by January 1st. To me and …

How I got into the world of IT and where I'm going

So, I work in IT.

This is a pretty vague statement, to me and probably to others. Information Technology (IT) is a very broad field and people that work in it often contain varied skillsets or sometimes very specialized skillsets. The skillset often depends on how they got into IT, who they've worked for, what they've had to do over the years, and where they'd like to go in their career. I'm not going to seek to define that here, just show how I got caught up in the mysterious world of IT

Let's use me as an example. I'm not an IT badass and I've never really focused on IT until recent years when it really became something I could make a living off of and enjoy sometimes. I was just a hobbyist and the computer guy for friends and family until then.

The Guild Wars 2 Endgame and Other MMO Problems (For Me)

As I'm closing in on level 80 on my first toon in Guild Wars 2, I've become increasingly worried about the end game content. What's going to keep me playing after I hit 80 besides trying out another class? ArenaNet is constantly stating that the entire 1-80 process is the endgame and in some ways they're right.

When you do World vs. World PvP (WvW) or structured PvP (sPvP) your level, stats, and skills are all scaled up to level 80 to provide an even playing field. Your character has a semi-personalized story campaign (based on decisions made during character creation) that is a pretty cool story albeit a little corny or loose at times.

Let's talk about OUYA

OUYA is probably something a lot of people have yet to hear about since it's still fairly new and isn't even on the market yet. I don't remember how I heard about it but it was probably somewhere on reddit. The ideas behind the console really give me hope for the home game console market and I really, genuinely, hope it does well on the market instead of becoming a niche product.

OUYA (yes, it's cruisin') is a small Android-powered gaming console designed/aimed to open up the home gaming console market. I very much like the idea behind OUYA to the point that I dropped $100 into its Kickstarter a while back despite being unemployed and having to juggle some money around. The good thing is I'll be getting an OUYA console before it's officially available in retail. They're really pushing the "open console" movement and have some big names onboard with them (Square-Enix being a huge one).

Re: Game Project

Of the list I posted some time last year, I've cleared out a lot of titles. Not by playing them, but by getting rid of the systems they were for. Truth be told, I really got tired of having to swap media back and forth for games. I'm really loving digital distribution of games and opt for versions of games over hard copies now. Of the games I had started, I got bored of a bunch of them and traded them in to GameStop. For posterity's sake, I'll update my original list below. If it's been removed then I don't intend to play it right now. Some of the games I have completed but I don't intend to write anything about them (as of right now) due to finishing them so long ago. Significantly shortening my list. I've also recently stopped playing WoW and got into Guild Wars 2. Excellent game, really. I'll be adding PS3 to this list since I have one now. I got rid of my PSP and Xbox 360 due to simply not using them.

How-to jailbreak your Kindle

I posted a picture over on my Facebook page of my Kindle with a screensaver of the Vaultec boy and my friends really wanted to know how to do it on their Kindles. It's pretty easy and takes just a couple minutes to do!

Portal 2 Review

Portal 2 is probably one of the most anticipated games of the year. It did not fail to deliver on that anticipation. It brought what the first game had and upped the ante at least ten fold. I got to play with three different kinds of gels, a gravity funnel, ramps, and all the usual daredevil antics you get while flying through the air shooting portals.

I have to admit, some of the later levels were some very well thought out brain teasers. However, while they would take a few minutes to think about and play around with the mechanics the level gives you, they were fairly short levels once figured out. I remember some of the test chambers in Portal taking me quite a while to figure out at times since they were multi-faceted puzzles. Granted, that could be from the AI controlling the test chamber creation at that point in the game. That isn't to say it wasn't fun. Oh god, this was a fun game.