Condom vending machines being purchased for students (News)

Have you ever had on of those emergencies where there is a sudden need for a condom? Let's face the facts, at one point or another many students have had a need of a condom but they either can't snag one from a buddy or the availability is zero. Well fear no more! This week Jessica Cook, SGA Ombudsman, is ordering two condom dispensers available on campus during most hours of the day.

However, these wonderful contraptions will be placed only in the Student Center restrooms; one in a Ladies and one in a Gentlemen's. The condoms will cost fifty cents each and availability will be whenever the Student Center is open. The condom dispensers should be appearing sometime within the next month or so and will be ready for use probably by the time their presence is noticed.

Ombudsman Jessica Cook and Business Manager Danielle Richmond spearheaded the movement to get better options for safe sex on campus. They originally handed out over 400 condoms, lubrication, and safe use information to students passing by in the Student Center from a table. That supply lasted a very short time and the two quickly concocted a way to have a steady supply for students. This movement is being called a “Campaign for Healthy Options for Students to have Safe Sex” by Jessica Cook.

For the future there are hopes to have more condom dispensers even more readily available for student use by putting them in the laundry rooms of the dorm halls.

This writer believes that one of the motivating factors for these two officers of the SGA to take it upon themselves to get these things available for students stems from not only the need but the lofty rumors that Concord is supposedly number two in STD rates among students in the region. Whether this is true or not, it's a fairly good reason to up the availability of non-abstinence only choices of safe sex. Also, this writer wasn't able to find any studies on the colleges in our region alone concerning the STD rates.

Another way of getting condoms easily and in ample supplies is to visit the Family Planning Center. It's come back to Concord after an absence and its hours are Tuesdays 9am-3pm and STD screenings are Tuesdays 1-3pm and is located in Sarvay Hall's basement. At this locale you can pick up STD information, free condoms, safe sex information, and other nifty items.

Don't be afraid to use the services the University freely offers. They're usually here to help!

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