Initiative in place to better represent CU's Beckley area students (Front page)

The Beckley Center. A mysterious entity that not too many Concord students are familiar with until they actually have to take a class there for some unexplainable reason. To the common Concord student, there is little need to worry about this place in Beckley since it has little impact on Athens students. However, President of the SGA Sean Noland believes otherwise.

Now that it is later in the semester, President Noland says, “now that Higher Ed Day is over, the Beckley center is my primary focus.” But what exactly does President Noland have in mind for the Beckley Center? Well, for one he wants to see “better representation for them” here in Athens from business decisions to even in the SGA.

When it comes down to business President Noland also says to want to see “more insight into the issues that are adversely effecting the Beckley Center.” This can range from funding for classes and services available at the Beckley Center among other things. He also wants see Beckley students become better informed and aware “...[of] how the decisions made in Athens affect them.”

President Noland also wants to get Beckley students involved here at Concord by allowing them to “ able to request budgets from the SGA to enhance student life in Beckley.” He proposes they do this by having student representation from Beckley students in the Athens SGA. The representatives will be six students who are interested and will be available for meetings. The first meeting will be conducted in Beckley and Noland hopes to see at least one student who will take up the effort and coordinate with him.
However, despite these efforts a Concord student may still remain curious as to what exactly a Beckley student since some Athens students are required to make the pilgrimage out to Beckley for random classes.
According to Danielle Richmond and her sources, “ we are all Concord students, but if you take classes in Beckley a portion of your tuition goes to the Beckley facility.” But, she went on to say that this fiscal year is an exception to that usual rule. She said, “they only send money to the Beckley center if you are taking all your classes in Beckley, according to the Business Office.” This isn't subject to enrollment numbers like one would presume but just a straight financial comparison.

There is still a little gray area on what exactly makes a Beckley student but the above explanation makes enough sense for this reporter. I wish President Noland and his initiative to bring better representation for Beckley students a ton of luck. They're going to need it with the typical amount of red tape one has to go through around Concord.

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