The King of Pop has passed...

No other single person or band in the world except The Beatles have been able to sell out stadiums for concerts minutes after the tickets went on sale.

Michael Jackson was a great man. World renowned musician, humanitarian, philanthropist, inspiration. Throughout his life he was never left out of the spotlight due to his talent and, unfortunately, his odd tastes in his personal life. What cannot be denied is that the man, the legend, had such a broad influence on music that is rivaled by only just a few. His influence crosses genres, tastes, national, ethnic, and racial boundaries. He was truly The King of Pop. And sadly, our King is now dead. Will there be anyone to rise up and satisfactorily take his place?

Anyone who has heard Michael Jackson's music, any of it, likes at least one song of his. This is an irrefutable fact. The man's music is just that good. World wide. WORLD. WIDE.

Whether you judge him based on his personal life or not, slandering and libeling him is just not right. The man was happy and at peace writing and performing music. The public inevitably dug too deep into him and drove him insane from the perpetual spotlight in his face. It broke his heart that the people that once adored and praised him had turned around, sneered at him, and fed him to the proverbial lions' den. He was preparing for a comeback tour but it proved just too much for him by wanting to put on the perfect set of shows. Maybe Michael died of a broken heart? Perhaps, perhaps not. Either way, this is a sad day in music across the whole world.

The end of an era is here and the state of music is in question. Good night, sweet prince. May you dance your way into the green fields of peace and happiness.

P.S. The icing on this crappy cake is that Creed is getting back together for a new album and tour.


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