Wiccan M.O.O.N. X2 (Student Life)

Last semester one of our staff writers wrote an article about the very same student organization I'm doing my article on, Wiccan M.O.O.N. However, this article will provide actually useful and correct information regarding this organization from a past member and long-time practicing pagan, myself.

Wiccan M.O.O.N. was founded several years ago by Concord University Alumni Beverly Blevins and has been around campus since its inception with varying amounts of members. At the time it was a highly controversial group and was not welcomed nicely by a couple student organizations. Although, due to its presence on campus over the years they have steadily become tolerated. Through these years they've strived not just for tolerance but acceptance, which should be the goal of any religious organization to another.
The name Wiccan M.O.O.N. stands for “Wiccan Magical Organization of Neopagans” and has members who've been practicing various paths of paganism, including Wicca (not Wiccanism as it's referred to by the misinformed), for several years, members who've decided to explore outside of their familial religion, and even has had members who were not pagan at all. It doesn't matter what religious faith or path you follow as all are welcome to join despite the club labeling.

Unlike other religious student organizations on campus M.O.O.N. will not pass out religious material to visitors, passersby, or anything of the like. Many of the people who follow the various pagan paths accept all religions to be true and do not impress their beliefs upon others. While I do admit there are some who have a chip on their shoulder against the mainstream religions, most do not and are willing to talk to most anyone.
Surprisingly, you'll find that despite the stereotypical, lackluster appearance of those you'd coin to be of an alternative faith, many of the people are also well educated or at least intelligent people. Due to the appearance of some of the members, some are put off from approaching them and seeking information. As far as I know, not a single one of the members is a devil worshiper and are all pretty nice people so don't be afraid to approach them. Also, I guarantee that almost each and every person even inquiring in a civil manner will be welcomed with an eager smile and a willingness to answer any questions you may have. Pagans are arguably the most friendly and intelligent people you'll meet. You never know who you'll find out is a pagan.
Remember, it's not what religion someone is that makes them a good or bad person, it's the actions of that person that defines whether they're good or bad. Wiccan M.O.O.N. interest meetings have yet to be scheduled as of this writing so look out for flyers and signs. They will be holding club meetings on Tuesdays @ 4p.m. in Subway. Stop by and check them out!

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