300 gives reviewer healthy, manly feel (Arts & Entertainment)

To sum up this movie in a nutshell it’d be “this is the manliest movie ever.” With all the action and violence you’ll walk out of the theater with a beard and a new crop of chest hair despite what your gender may be.
However, going into this movie expecting a deep, intertwined story is a huge mistake. This movie does not require one, it’s that awesome.

The movie is based off of Frank Miller’s graphic novel (comic book to some) “300” and reflects heavily on it. Some may point out historical inaccuracies but since the movie isn’t based on history but a graphic novel and it has characters with giant blades for arms, it’s pretty easy to get past those inaccuracies.

When the trailers came out it became an instant favorite of many internet communities and was quoted massively. Even more so since it’s been out for a couple weeks. Places like 4chan.org were particularly enthusiastic about taking various images from 300 and putting in alternate text for a good laugh.

The movie is simply action-packed. There is a small bit of story but the entirety of the movie revolves around the battle of Thermopylae and how it started from the Spartan perspective. After hearing a line like “This is Sparta!” and a kick to the chest of a Persian emissary, one will be amped for the rest of the movie.

The use of slow motion in the movie would sometimes be seen as over used but it illustrates very well the heightened senses of Spartan warriors in battle. It also creates some intense fight scenes and delivers each time.

When stepping out the movie theater for the first time, I wanted to go get in a brawl and take home a woman. That’s the simplest way to say it. The same thing happened the second time I saw it in the theater. The group of guys I was with and I all screamed in the parking lot as well. You’ll definitely feel the intensity of the movie afterwards.

This is probably one if the single best movies in 2007 yet and it’ll be very hard to really top it in the sense of entertainment and best visuals.

Speaking of visuals, the use of colors, contrast and overall lighting were phenomenal! While most of the movie was done with CG graphics, it is very hard to tell most of the time. If you’re familiar with the techniques that were used in “Sin City”, it’s the exact same thing. Mostly green screen and CG effects. It looks great.

And the entire movie is complete eye candy for the ladies since every single male character is donned in a leather speedo and is ripped. So, ladies if awesome battle scenes and action aren’t your bag you can just stare at the man candy on screen.

While the story of the movie isn’t very deep and involved, the overall experience of the movie more than makes up for that fact. If I were some uppity, pretentious critic I’d still be giving this movie a bazillion thumbs up and a gazillion stars of approval. This movie really is that good. It’s totally worth the $7.50 to go see it in theaters.

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