TV survey (News)

Soon, very soon the time will come when control of the on-campus television channels will once again fall into student hands!

The SGA Technology Committee is preparing a survey for students that will be used to get an idea on what channels should be available on the campus television. It will be deployed on ELLIE ( for all students to access. However, at this time it is unclear if it will appear before or at the end of this semester or if it will be printed out and handed out to all returning, on-campus students in the Fall semester at check-in.

The survey will bring new channels to the floor like SciFi, BBC, and many others if students so choose.
How the channels are chosen is through a package selection from DirecTV. Each package includes several channels and a cost of that package per outlet.

For more information about the TV survey contact Lonnie Bowe, Chair of the SGA Technology Committee or Rick Dillon, Director of Housing. The Technology Committee meets every Tuesday afternoon at 4 p.m. and Rick Dillon can be found at the Housing Office in Sarvay Hall.

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