Corrections and update!

Last week I published the article about Fiancial Aid and the registrar's office and I'd like to add some updated information about the registar's office.

Quoting from my article:

"[Carolyn Cox] had told me that in late 2005 they were supposed to get a link setup with the National Student Loan Clearing House and was told it’d only take a few days to setup. However, they (being the computer center or the CAT) never set it up and have yet to do so as they’ve been in “testing stages” since last spring."

It is actually up to the Computer Center to deal with all technologies in all non-academic departments and offices. So this was the fault of the Computer Center. Thanks to Steve Meadows in the C.A.T. for clarifying that for me.

Today, a student wide e-mail was sent out from the registrar's office stating the following:

"The Registrar's Office is pleased to announce to the students of Concord University that we are officially members of the National Student Clearinghouse. Membership in the NSC will benefit students by eliminating the need to complete paper deferments and verifications of enrollment for student loans. Lendors will contact the NSC directly for confirmation of enrollment status."

This comes not even a week after my article is published.


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