Restuarant Review: Kimono Japanese Seafood & Steak House (Student Life)

Kimono Japanese Seafood and Steak House is not your typical Asian food restaurant that you’d find in Southern West Virginia. While not being particularly cheap, you’ll get more than what you pay for in food and entertainment.

When walking into Kimono you will see some of the standard and traditional decorations of any Japanese steak house as well as seeing the occasional pillar of flame from one of the grills surrounded by a group of people. However, if a reservation was not made in advance you just might be waiting for a few minutes for a grill to open up unless you are there for the sushi bar. While there, it was about a ten minute wait until a grill was available since we didn’t make a reservation. All in all, not a bad wait time for a restaurant that was packed.

Not only do they have their popular hibachi grills, they also have a sushi bar and your typical sit-down style dining. The selection for each area is very diverse and seems quite tasty.

Unlike many restaurants here in America, when you are seated at a grill, you are not the only ones there unless you have a group of about ten people. If not, then you’ll be seated with others to fill the space around the grill. This is a traditional Japanese setup for socializing and practicality. If you want to miss out on the fun of seeing your food prepared for you and don’t like talking to others, you do have the option sit at your own table.

The service was nearly spot on, but at the time I was there they were very busy and I’m sure many of the servers were getting very tired. However, the timing of the appetizers was very quick. It took the actual chef a few minutes to get to our table due to the volume of customers but once there he immediately showed his flare with a pillar of controlled flame. He performed well with only a few mistakes in his show.

The food itself was amazing. As is traditional, it started off with a light soup with bits of mushroom and chicken in it followed by a salad with some amazing ginger salad dressing on it. After those comes freshly cooked fried rice and vegetables. Lastly comes the cooked meat of your choice ranging from chicken to filet mignon and salmon to scallops. Now, this isn’t some meager portioned restaurant. You will get a large plate full of food that will fill you up and possibly send you home with leftovers.

While the food and the service are wonderful, the price isn’t at a level most college students could afford on a daily basis. The hibachi meals range from $11.95 to $26.94 per person. However, as far as hibachi grill prices go that’s pretty average. But in the end you wind up getting more than what you will pay for not just in food but in the great time you had while there. This would be a great place for any kind of special treat, a date due to the relaxed atmosphere, or say meeting your significant other’s relatives.

As of printing, Kimono does not yet have a liquor license. They are expecting to get it in early April.
To call and make a reservation the number is 304-487-8008, which I highly recommend to save you and whoever you may be with time.

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